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Updated: Mar 1

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“Capricornucopia” is the slide show of the imagination let loose on the dance floor. Bending and blending psychedelic party rhymes and existential

life lessons into a nexus of intricate flows, Caspar takes you to the depths of the psyche whilst demonstrating how to move a room.

Caspar Grant, the psychedelic satirist, is an MC, producer and multi instrumentalist born in Birmingham and forged in the fires of


He has performed live up and down the country for many years, sharing stages with the likes of GZA, Akil of Jurassic 5, Akala, Anti-Pop Consortium and DJ Vadim. This release features production High Focus artist King Kashmere.

Comfortably at home on all manner of rhythm he enjoys describing

pictures for your brain which aim to add up to a story worth telling,

employing frequencies that resonate in the depths of the mind. With

a few jokes of course...

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