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The Love Stoner / Dragon Mike / And What? resident Dragon


Nottingham born MC Alex Mike the Mic Taylor is running riotous throughout London’s underground Hip-Hop scene.  The artist combines a unique poetic sound punctuated by the Midlands accent with a natural flair for the dramatics. 

After falling in love with Hip-Hop in his early teens he began writing songs and performing, whilst studying media and drama at University in Lincoln, this education of the creative arts fuelled his storytelling and it’s expressed throughout his music.


His powerful energy and fierce performances have seen him perform on a variety of stages from Rize and Woodstock music festivals to Brixton’s Hootananny, supporting the likes of Harleighblu

Over the last year he has become a key member of Music collective And What? Ldn, hosting events, performing and providing creative direction. Forming a crew with exciting artists such as Isaac B , Oh no Da French and Sunset Sunrise.


His eclectic mix of fantastical concepts and the ability to flow over a variety of styles led him to be dubbed And What’s resident Dragon.


Drum and Bass Hit ‘Soldier' was his first collaboration with Sunset Sunrise and delivers a powerful progressive sound that lights up a rave while also providing hard hitting and provocative lyrics, centred around unity. The follow 'Learn different' is Alternative Hip-hop at its finest. and currently making waves. Up and coming track Moonlight Murder will deliver a soulful boom bap sound, edgy lyrics and a flow that is at one with music. Proving once again that Mike the Mic is willing to mix styles and experiment as an artist.

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