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Caspar grant

​MC, Producer, Instrumentalist, Educator

the Psychedelic Satirist

Caspar Headshot trippy.jpg

Caspar Grant, the psychedelic satirist, is an MC, producer and multi instrumentalist born in Birmingham and forged in the fires of imagination. 


He has performed live up and down the country for many years, sharing stages with the likes of GZA, Akil of Jurassic 5, Akala, Skinnyman, Black Twang, Anti-Pop Consortium and DJ Vadim. 


Comfortably at home on all manner of rhythm he enjoys describing pictures for your brain which aim to add up to a story worth telling, employing frequencies that resonate in the depths of the mind. With a few jokes of course... 


In February 2023, after years of honing his craft on stage, in ciphers and at the studio, Caspar Grant dropped his long anticipated debut album “Capricornucopia”. 


With a title referencing the cold month he was born in and and the colourful landscape that furnishes his psyche “Capricornucopia” provides the listener with an introspective tour of Caspar’s darkest secrets and vividest dreams. Whether discussing battling panic attacks, solving hallucinatory puzzles or educating today’s youth Caspar paints colourful pictures with a versatile flow that sits effortlessly on crunching jazz drums, bass heavy floor movers or psychedelic soundscapes. 


As well as producing half the record himself “Capricornucopia” sees Caspar collaborating with such beat smiths as Pie Eye Collective, Zatoichi’s Ears, Able8, Kinlaw, Deadroom and Dusty Ohms as well as sharing mic duties with long time partner in rhyme Zaeb Dust, North London soul aficionado Ty Lowe and Myka 9 of the legendary Freestyle Fellowship. 

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