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charlie dax


flow king // ghost writer


Hip Hop artist reigning from South London. Inspired by UK Grime and East Coast Hip Hop Charlie Dax decided to pick up a pen and started jotting down his thoughts and tales of life’s ups and downs.

Charlie’s known for his songs ‘such as 'DMC’ and ‘Gangshxt’ which showcases his aggressive delivery, witty wordplay and his volatile flows. However, he refuses to be put in a box as he’s showcased his versatility on songs such as ‘AF1’ which is a lot more jumpy and light hearted in comparison to his usual nature of dark beats.

He’s also known for his electrifying performances which he’s showcased at Ritzy Brixton, Volks Nightclub, Hootenanny and cyphers in Brixton’s Chip Shop along with the collective And What?. 

Charlie Dax is definitely the one to watch out for, as he plans to become a household name and hit many milestones in the scene.

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