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isaac b



Isaac B Headshot trippy.jpg

London born, Florida brewed, Isaac B is known for his freestyle prowess. Combining alternative earthy poetic Hip-Hop lyricism flipping between subtle meditative sultry vibes and trap eclectic sonic backdrops.


The ex-Broward County resident, a self-taught, ‘King of The Cypher’. He swapped the sun-soaked city of The ‘Dale', for the rain and rizzle of the UK capital.  Isaac B adapted to the capital, studying a Bachelor’s in Music Technology and a Masters in Music Management before continuing his creative endeavours.


He quickly immersed himself in the local MC live-scene, earning himself a respected reputation, with a committed, ever growing following, alongside his collective, And What? LDN. Hosting some of the most musically diverse, eclectic late nights, and the most riotous, lyrically charged monthly cyphers, Isaac B, acts as a key player within the growth of London's underground, live Hip-Hop scene.


Drawing comparisons to Barney Artist, YBN Cordae & Kojey Radical, Isaac B is most certainly slightly “left field”.

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